MBTA High Quality Foam Balls
MBTA High Quality Foam Balls

MBTA High Quality Foam Balls

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MBTA foam balls will soon be rebranded in the U.S. and they are a sort of minor miracle. At their very best, I have seen players who almost instantly become .5 better players after a short introduction. The experiential training effect is astonishing for players, and there are many wow moments. As a player or coach, you want to learn or teach more with less talking, right?  We believe that player safety is also enhanced, because they learn better core engagement on their shots, and thus are less likely to have hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries, although we don't have data to support this, it has been our experience. These balls are part of a system for full spectrum core engagement, especially when pared with med balls, and The Chute Trainer, and finally weighted frames. 

Do you want your players to learn Shot Tolerance? There is actually no better way than to use MBTA Foam Balls!  You and your student will be amazed when someone hits them a screamer, and they simply turn engage, using all the power that is on the ball. 

After a 10-20 warm up phase with the 190mm, 150mm and 120mm balls, the FIRST SHOT with a normal ball leaves players with an astonished look on their face, as a coach you want that, it makes you more valuable. 


190mm Ball should ONLY be used by adults and strong HP players ages 15 and up.

150mm Ball Requires Two Hands on Both Sides and starting approximately 10 feet from the net to rally.

120mm Ball can be rallied successfully with one hand by most players in the short court. 

90mm Ball creates a special demand for footwork and ground reaction force. (On back order until August, but you can pre-order)

We think you will experience greater use of your core and perhaps 5 to 10 MPH difference in your ball speeds.  

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